Changes in the Australian Address Data Landscape

The Commonwealth of Australia has announced that they have entered into an agreement with PSMA Australia (PSMA) to release their Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) and Administrative Boundaries data sets as “open data”. The Commonwealth Governments’ aim in entering into this agreement with PSMA is that it will deliver greater benefit and opportunity to the economy. Full details of the announcement can be found at the following link: Geocoded national address data to be made openly available | Blog

OMNILINK offers a set of commercial services to value add to G-NAF and other data sets to create business ready information for organisations that need to rely on accurate, consistent, timely and quality data.  From base mapping files, to custom data sets designed for easy integration directly to client schemas and databases, OMNILINK understands all of the aspects of PSMA’s data.  Click here for more information.

Accessing advanced Address content through PSMA Cloud

OMNILINK is the leading PSMA Cloud Integrator of G-NAF Live (address as a service) – a new and innovative way to access the most current and up to date address data in Australia.  Many commercial users are now turning to this way of accessing and integrating address’ within their core business systems.  More information is available here. 

If you have any questions on how OMNILINK can assist your organisation with the integration of location data into your business systems please contact us here.



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