Fettes College taking a modern approach to school property information management

Fettes College (Edinburgh, Scotland) have successfully completed the implementation AssetWhere™ as their School Property Information Management Solution.  Founded in 1870, Fettes College is a leading co-educational boarding and day school for children aged 7-18. The College is a magnificent setting on 90 acres of private parkland just minutes from downtown Edinburgh, with a range of both historic and modern building facilities.


With AssetWhere™, Fettes College now have a complete solution for property information, covering the entire campus in one accessible solution.  OMNILINK worked closely with college staff to discover and repurpose property plans and files to create the AssetWhere™ database.  Records from individual property projects were pieced together to create maps layers of buildings, rooms and underground services, together with an associated database of features, assets and linked documents.  AssetWhere™ has been implemented as a site-wide intranet and mobile accessible solution for college facilities and administration staff.


OMNILINK is looking forward to supporting Fettes College as the property portfolio continues to develop.


To learn more about AssetWhere™, click here.

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