Kimbolton School’s easy access to their up-to-date property plans

Read Kimbolton School’s success story in implementing OMNILINK’s AssetWhere™ School Property Information Management Solution.  Edward Valletta, the Kimbolton School Bursar, speaks about how AssetWhere™ has enabled the school to have easy access to up-to-date property plans and asset information, assisting in many of their day-to-day planning activities and on-site maintenance.

Kimbolton School is based in Cambridgeshire, and a foundation customer of OMNILINK’s growing UK customer base.   The school is set on 120 acres of land where the school buildings (one of which is a castle), are situated at opposite ends of the beautiful Kimbolton village. With a deep history in the buildings and the school, there were many years’ of property and building plans, some of which were very old. OMNILINK was engaged to collate and modernise these plans through the AssetWhere™ solution.  Now Kimbolton School can quickly drill down into the details of individual buildings, rooms, assets and underground services, where ever they are.

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