OMNILINK partner with Hexagon Geospatial

OMNILINK are a key integration partner for Hexagon Geospatial in Australia and New Zealand.  Together we support government (local, state and federal) and the private sector with advanced geospatial products, integration and consulting services, along with authoritative data.

Hexagon Geospatial helps organisations make sense of the dynamically changing world. Known globally as a maker of leading-edge technology, they enable customers to easily transform their data into actionable information, shortening the lifecycle from the moment of change to action. Hexagon Geospatial is a division of Intergraph® Corporation.

The combination of Hexagon’s advanced geospatial products and OMNILINK’s 25 years of experience with property and location information management, allows intending and existing geospatial professionals to obtain the best value outcome for spatial information projects.

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