Data Management Services

Data Management Services

OMNILINK has specialist skills in the area of property and location data management. These plans assist organisations in the management of information – both within their own environments as well as externally.

Data Management plans provide a framework for update of data into your information system in a cohesive and consistent manner that is essential for efficient operations of a business. Data Maintenance is conducted by a team of skilled data managers and analysts who provide services in the area of data update and enhancement and the incorporation of these datasets into corporate databases. Data Management is provided by OMNILINK as an on-going service to clients who wish to out-source the day to day requirements of keeping their systems updated. OMNILINK can provide such a service on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on volume of changes.

Data Brokerage – OMNILINK offers a Data Brokerage service where we act as agents in securing datasets from external agencies. These external agencies include Australasian Government Departments (Central/Federal State and Local) as well as commercial suppliers. A key partner for OMNILINK is PSMA Australia.

Data Conversion – This continues to be a key area of OMNILINK’s business that is very diverse and requires specialist skills. We focus our quality- certified business processes to deliver a quality result on time every time. OMNILINK has established procedures for data conversion that provide quality controlled processes and a result that preserves the content and intelligence of the information.

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