Metadata Management Services

Metadata Management Services

OMNILINK have proven expertise in metadata management in the areas of international metadata standards, management consulting, metadata integration, and the harvesting of spatial datasets based on metadata. Metadata is an essential element of property and location data management, and is a key requirement for data exchange and governance.

The benefits of metadata include:

  • Allows for formation of your corporate spatial information “identity” – what is this data, where is it and how should I use it.
  • Results in an organisation using data to its full potential for maximum ROI, allowing for competitive advantage and efficient use of spatial data investments as a corporate resource.
  • Due diligence approach – being prepared for the “we need your data / what do you have” question. This is good e-government practice.
  • Allows organisations to have metadata deliverables that are readily understood and integrated into their business systems. Also important for the exchange of data to others.
  • Integrate into corporate GIS environments for maximum accessibility.

OMNILINK has developed Omniscient to assist with metadata harvesting.

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