OMNILINK – Property and Location Data Management Products

Turn Data into Knowledge

Integrate your datasets to provide greater intelligence
Interact with information at a higher level than ever before
Inform and empower your organisation through cohesive data management


Property and Location Data Management Products

  • AssetWhere™

    AssetWhere™ allows organisations to visualise underground services, room and building details and key asset information in a user friendly map-based system. This information is crucial to help with operational issues and development decisions as your corporate knowledgebase for asset and building information.

  • StudentWhere™

    StudentWhere™ is a specialised business tool for school managers that maps the home address of students for enrolment analysis, catchment marketing and bus transport planning.

  • Omniscient

    Omniscient is a suite of tools for spatial metadata management. Omniscient allows for the formation of your corporate spatial information “identity” – what is this data, where is it and how should I use it.

  • OmniData

    OMNILINK has always been a data and information centric company. OMNILINK supports government and business with authorative data sets for location relevant decision making.

  • Omnilocate

    Locate is key to business and OMNILINK offer specialist services to government and business to locate and share information with modern business solutions.

  • Visual Crossing

    Visual Crossing delivers a multi-level, multi-dimensional business mapping capability that draws upon existing MicroStrategy investment.

  • fmXpert

    fmXpert is a facilities management software solution already full integrated to AssetWhere™. fmXpert was developed by property professional for those wanting to manage property professionally.

  • PMSA Cloud

    OMNILINK now harnesses the on-line capabilities of PSMA Cloud to offer an even more accurate and up to date system for the delivery of address verification and related mapping functions

  • Hexagon Geospatial

    Hexagon Geospatial helps you make sense of the dynamically changing world. Known globally as a maker of leading-edge technology.

Data Management – Turn Data into Knowledge

Like links in a chain, each piece of data builds a bigger picture, strengthens the complete “structure” and anchors the information that facilitates decisions, strategic and operational. The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

In any context, data becomes information, becomes intelligence and finally knowledge. Manage data and information, and intelligence and knowledge will flow more effectively to all parts of the organisation.

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