AssetWhere™ Community Maps

Site Maps & Community Plans

Need to make sure your site and location maps are current for staff, student and visitors to your school? Now you’re heading in the right direction.

AssetWhere™ Community Maps makes it easy to have an up-to-date Visitors Map of your school, plus special purpose maps including for emergency services, sports fields and parking.

Using the AssetWhere™ data for your site(s), we can produce (and maintain) high-quality site maps showing all important locations and features important to visitors, new students, first time prospective parents and new staff.

The output is large maps or PDF documents ready to be printed out or posted to your website and will include your logo. There is also a legend for visitors enabling them to easily navigate around the school site to find classrooms, sports fields, nominated entrances for a special activity and access in an emergency situation.

The Visitors Map is the initial phase of the AssetWhere™ Community Map, features may include:

  • Common Building Names
  • Reception
  • Performing Arts Centre/Hall – Centre / Hall
  • Parking & Disabled Parking
  • First Aid
  • Canteen
  • Paths

With the template in place, other special purpose AssetWhere™ Community Maps can be easily created to meet your specific business needs. The types of special purpose Community Maps include:

  • Emergency Access and Fire Services Plan
  • Essential Services Shut-off locations
  • Critical Incident Plan
  • Sports Field Guide, with summer and winter layouts
  • Outdoor Education Sites
  • Classroom Plans with room numbers
  • School Map showing all floor (higher levels offset from the ground floor)
  • A Grid Map

These maps can be used in a variety of ways: printed as a visitor map, published on your website for parents or contractors to access, or sent to a sign-writer to ensure your signage around the site is always up to date. Additional sites can also be mapped.

AssetWhere™ Community Maps are derived from data on the site and building map information in AssetWhere™, the school property information already at your school. Any annotations or new data created will be maintained as AssetWhere™ map layers for reuse and ease of updating. Updates can be managed via the AssetWhere™ Data Management Service.

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