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AssetWhere Discovery Edition

AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition

AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition provides on-line access to your key property files right at your finger tips via your desktop PC or mobile device.  Within a matter of days your key property files will be accessible whenever your need them and wherever you are!

AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition utilises a simple site and building layout view to make it easy for the user to navigate to the appropriate location for the files they need.  It has the same core functions of AssetWhere™ whilst meeting a specific document management issue of being able to sort files logically by building project or at a site level.  For many, this provides an easy way to collate the essential property files ahead of a more detailed AssetWhere™ project for an even richer property data management solution experience (utilising AssetWhere™ Explorer or Enterprise editions).

The AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition is a cloud based service securely hosted via Amazon Web Services, accessed by the OMNILINK site:  Being hosted eliminates the requirement to provide IT equipment or technical support, whilst providing the flexibility and direct capability to collate and add records as they become available.  AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition retains the user friendly capabilities of AssetWhere™ including the Layer Manager, measurement tools, attachments as well as easily exporting data to MS Excel.

To start the project OMNILINK provides a service to create site and building layout plans from your existing files as AssetWhere™ map layers.  Following on-site training and guidance on property data management, the user can then upload plans, documents and other records and relate them to the relevant building.  They can also create asset registers of furniture and other fittings associated to the building.  Additional room features and services can be progressively added by OMNILINK as a project extension.

AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition is the ideal tool to collate and access vital property information.  Users have the option to upgrade to AssetWhere™ Explorer Edition.


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