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OMNILINK is the exclusive data partner of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF).

OMNILINK is responsible for the provision of the Australian Koala Foundation’s Koala habitat Atlas data sets under a commercial licence. Data is licensed to an organisation to support the identification and preservation of Koala Habitat.

Available Koala Habitat Atlas Data Sets licences are:

  • Koala Habitat Atlas (KHA)
  • KHA Preclearing Vegetation
  • Potential Koala Habitat (NVIS)

The data can be provided as GIS ready data (vector) and as a web mapping service. Annual licence fees apply for access to the data with adherence required to the copyright and intellectual property of the AKF. Licence models are available for individual Local Government Areas as well as at a State Level and all of Australia.

Request a quote for your organisation to licence the KHA data here.

OMNILINK offers a consulting service for the production of site specific maps for individual properties.

To request a map please click here and include: your address, property details (Lot/Plan details) and which data sets you require.

Learn more about the Koala Foundation Koala Habitat Atlas.

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OMNILINK is proud to be associated with the Australian Koala Foundation

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