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OMNILINK has always been a data and information centric company – hence our tag line ‘Linking People and Information’. Supporting this business objective is the need for quality data sets to be part of our delivery capability.

OMNILINK has established relationships with key data providers to deliver quality spatial information as part of a complete solutions to our clients. We cover a varying range of requirements from base centreline data through cadastral, environmental, imagery, utility to demographic and other business related datasets in map related and textual form in a variety of formats. .

OMNILINK was the first appointed PSMA Cloud Certified Partner providing data as a service through a fully configurable interface using workflows and map functions.

OMNILINK has developed a strong data production capability internally and established long standing partnerships with key data providers nationally to deliver quality spatial information as part of a complete solution to our clients in all business sectors. We have proven expertise in the supply of all your data requirements including:

  • Transport – OMNILINK supplies national coverage of the road network as basemaps, centrelines and routable networks.
  • Property – OMNILINK supplies national coverage of the cadastre in both detailed and ‘lite’ formats.
  • Environmental – OMNILINK is the Australian Koala Foundation’s partner of choice for the supply of the Koala habitat zone. We also supply value added data including accountable carbon and green space.
  • Demographic – OMNILINK has developed a strong capacity for demographic data analysis using the latest proven socio-economic data.
  • Government boundaries – OMNILINK is a certified reseller for PSMA, Australia’s authorative source for address and boundary data.  Data can be supplied as web service or
  • Feature of Interest – Now continually updated by PSMA.
  • Imagery – OMNILINK is able to source a range of imagery products from a number of suppliers to suit your needs.
  • Geoscape – PSMA’s latest innovation in geospatial information, using high-resolution satellite imagery to deliver a powerful 3D analytical dataset that spans the national built environment. Click here for the Geoscape National Rollout Schedule.

OMNILINK is proud to be associated with the Australian Koala Foundation and is the exclusive data partner for the provision of Koala Habitat Atlas data sets. For more information, please click here.

PSMA CADLITE_TM_CMYKPSMAGNAF Experienced Partner(2005)