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Omniscient Spatial Metadata Data Solution

With the increase in access to spatial data via initiatives such as “the open data” portals of jurisdictions globally, the need to understand the characteristics of the data that you or your organisation is using in its business solutions is now more important than ever. People need to be in the best position to be knowledgeable and informed and to understand “where” their data is.
Where organisations wish to publish data to their organisations, trusted partners or to the community, the need for structured metadata is critical in the protection of both the publisher and consumer of the data.

OMNISCIENT – all-knowing, all-wise, all-seeing

OMNILINK has developed a suite of service orientated tools known as OMNISCIENT for the extraction, analysis and publishing of standards compliant metadata. These tools are compliant with international and jurisdiction standards including ISO19115, ISO19139 and ANZLIC. OMNILINK is an associate member of the Open Geospatial Consortium ( OGC) which allows our solutions to be in sync with the latest changes and be aligned to future developments. Our tools can be used as part of a set of consulting services to establish your corporate data repository as well as installed for administrator users ( extract and analysis) and end users for discovery and integration of data sets.


  • OMNISCIENT Harvester – scans, mines and extracts metadata across files, file systems and databases (including spatial) to produce an inventory of spatial and associated data that is the starting point for the establishment of best practice information management and in particular the creation of a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) within a business unit, an agency and the wider community.
  • OMNISCIENT Sifter – utilises the output from the Harvester to sort and identify the inconsistencies within the data inventory such as duplicates, data orphans, and multiple versions. Sifter allows for the publication of metadata statements in international standards including the well-known ISO19139 XML format and the many jurisdictional implementations of this.
  • OMNISCIENT MDM – Metadata Manager – a web enabled application that provides enterprise deployment of metadata for the purposes of discovery, selection and integration  The Metadata Manager provides secure, multi-user capability across “consumers, maintainers and creators”

Omniscient Benefits

  1. Allows for formation of your corporate spatial information “identity” – what is this data, where is it and how should I use it –Results in an organisation using data to its full potential for max Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Allows organisations to have a competitive advantage by utilising existing data
  3. Due diligence approach – being prepared for the “we need your data – what do you have” question.and is seen as good e-government practice
  4. Metadata deliverables will be readily understood and integrated by clients into their business systems
  5. Ability to integrate web viewer into corporate GIS environments – integration with independence/integrity of metadata
  6. Metadata not bound up in GIS and database vendor technology apps that users require to have loaded and who may need training
  7. No client side licensing required – all you need is a web browser! Results in the whole enterprise being able to explore metadata.

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