Wellington Girls’ College rediscovers their property knowledge with AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition

OMNILINK is working with schools, aged care operators and other businesses to help them rediscover their property knowledge with the new AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition.  Wellington Girls’ College are the launch customer for AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition.


Located in the centre of Wellington (New Zealand), only a block from the Parliament Buildings, the school has recently completed a major multi-story building program, with other building refurbishments being planned.  OMNILINK implemented AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition in just 3 days and worked closely with the College to collate and associate property plans / documents to an update site plan within AssetWhere™.


AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition is implemented as a Cloud-based solution, meaning property staff can access property information at any time / on any device.


Learn more about AssetWhere™ Discovery Edition by contacting OMNILINK here.

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