Unparalleled coverage of the Australian built environment


Geoscape delivers location data on demand, with the detail you need. It describes Australia’s complex cities, regional centres and rural communities as they change – packaged and ready-to-use, from national data to a small area of interest. Make better sense of the world.

It also has links to other PSMA (OMNILINK’s data partner) datasets including G-NAF and CadLite.

PSMA completed the staged rollout of Geoscape with Release 8 in October 2018, taking the national building count to 15,243,669 buildings (as of 29 October, 2018). Geoscape is now in an update phase. Updates will focus on areas with a high degree of change and be released on a quarterly basis. Each year, the aim is to recapture and update at least 5,000kmof urban and remote community areas. Contact us below for further details on Urban, Rural Balance and Remote Communities coverage.



OMNILINK can supply PSMA data in any digital spatial format, including many unusual formats. In addition, we offer a data brokerage service, where we act as agents in securing both spatial (locational) and textual datasets from other external agencies. These agencies include government departments (federal, state and local) as well as commercial suppliers in Australia and New Zealand.

Data is the key area of OMNILINK’s business. This is an area that is very diverse and requires specialist skills and processes to deliver a quality result on time, every time. OMNILINK has established procedures for data integration that provide quality controlled processes and a result that preserves the content and intelligence of the information.

Business Utilisation

As a business intelligence tool, this kind of rich geospatial data will benefit all business sectors, providing a valuable dataset that will open up new ways of doing business. Geoscape will support evidence-based decision making across a wide range of business scenarios:

  • Service delivery
  • Transportation
  • Urban and regional planning and management
  • Risk estimation
  • Policy making
  • Emergency response
  • Infrastructure rollout

Geoscape coverage map

Characteristics of Geoscape

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