What our clients are saying

When I joined St Dunstan’s College the ICT Services department were still managing work requests through an inbox which provided no way of managing or reporting on work requests. It just so happened our Property Team were looking for a new system as well. Then we found AssetWhere FM. It took less than a month and had a really quick uptake from staff with minimal training. I would really recommend this product to anyone looking for a new work requests system.

St Dunstan’s College, UK, James Farmer, Head of ICT Services

Buildings are so complex these days with the internet of things, everything is measured and managed and codes of practise for safety and the environment are so strict, you have to have a lot of facts and figures at your finger tips.

All Saints’ College, Philip Gale, Facilities Manager

You look at the screen and see immediately where the students are and where the buses need to be and you marry those two elements up. A picture's worth 1,000 words.

Westbourne Grammar School, Errol Tongs, Business Manager

All estate managers need a repository for information and AssetWhere provides just such a tool which is simple, intuitive to use and can be built upon to ensure that it is always up to date and always useful. Whilst an investment of this sort is always going to be large, the information that it has provided is invaluable.

Kimbolton School, Edward Valletta, Bursar

AssetWhere is a great tool that will continue to develop and store information on the site, giving more control over our site history and information.

Salesian College,