OMNILINK is proud to be part of the Frontier SI Digital twin capability

Value Australia

FrontierSI, a not-for-profit company, was established following 16 years of operations as the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information. OMNILINK is proud to be part of Frontier SI Digital Twin Services with UNSW on the Value Australia/RAISE Project.

Value Australia supports Australia’s largest market, the $6.8 trillion property market, by creating valuation products that provide better information sooner for home-buyers, investors, businesses and governments whilst reducing costs and risks. Combining research, extensive data assets and using state-of-the-art analytics and artificial intelligence this project will deliver secure digital valuation models and tools that cover a broad range of land and property types across Australia and overseas. Value Australia builds on two years of pilot work across Metropolitan Sydney and Brisbane through the RAISE project and will create a national suite of data and software products over the coming three years.

The Value Australia team is an ideal collaborative mix, bringing together research (UNSW), industry (OMNILINK), State Government (Valuer General’s Office NSW) and Local Government (Liverpool Council).

The product suite will include:

  • Cyber secure land and property valuation models including machine learning driven mass appraisal valuations for urban, peri-urban and regional Australia
  • Predictive Infrastructure sequencing and integrated city growth models
  • Value creation models for critical infrastructure projects with a focus on proximity benefits attributed to transformation public infrastructure and land rezoning
  • Infrastructure value capture  financial models including incremental financing, betterment taxes and land taxes
  • Economic feasibility models to calculate the likely returns on property development

You can download the Digital Twin Capability Statement here.

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