OMNILINK is a certified integrator of Australia’s national location data datasets, including G-NAF. PSMA Cloud is an efficient, cost effective platform which updates and maintains data to deliver Australia-wide address verification and geocoding services across the market.

OMNILINK was the first appointed PSMA Cloud Certified Partner providing data as a service through a fully configurable interface using workflows and map functions.

The PSMA Cloud platforms allow 24/7 access to location data and services. The flexible architecture of the platform is service oriented, meeting the diverse needs of integrators whether it is to build and deliver systems, to develop custom applications or to add address verification services to an organisation. OMNILINK has developed a REST based API to provide for modern application level integration.

PSMA Cloud can easily integrate with existing business systems and the system design and functional capability allows for a timely roll-out into any business.

The three components to PSMA Cloud include:

  • Address verification and geocoding
  • Web Feature Services (WFS) queries
  • Workflows to link multiple web services and create customised queries

PSMA Cloud