Geoscape has achieved national coverage.


With the October 2018 Release of Geoscape, PSMA have mapped every building with a roof area greater than nine square metres across the entire Australian continent. That’s 15,243,669 buildings across 7.6 million square kilometres.

Geoscape is a digital representation of Australia’s built environment. Think of it as a ‘buildings census’.

Geoscape now provides location-based insights at a level of detail, and on a scale, never seen before. With Australia’s Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) we can tell you what’s at an address.

An additional 740,554 buildings were added to Geoscape in Release 8, an increase of 5.11 per cent on the previous release, across all Australian states and territories except for the Australian Capital Territory.

Geoscape also has linkages to other authoritative data including geocoded addresses, property data and administrative boundaries.

In addition to buildings, Geoscape has captured all surface cover across Australia – at two-metre resolution in urban areas and remote communities and at 30-metre resolution across the whole of the country. Geoscape also includes tree canopy heights in urban areas and remote communities.

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