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OMNILINK Pty Ltd has joined forces with facilities and asset management software leader Core Vision Pty Ltd in a relationship that will increase its global footprint in the education sector.


The agreement sees OMNILINK appointed as the worldwide reseller for the market-leading myBuildings™ cloud-based software suite, to support the facilities management of educational institutions. The collaboration will see OMNILINK promote myBuildings™ as an extension to its acclaimed AssetWhere product. Both products are cloud-based and are multi-user offerings. Work on integration to leverage the value from both products is already underway.

OMNILINK Director Philip Caunter said “partnering with Core Vision adds a cutting-edge industry specialist to his growing list of strategic partners providing enormous value and profound benefit to our customers”.

“Schools are increasingly more aware of the critical importance of property and asset resources and want to ensure they are both resilient and cognisant of the risk management practices to safeguard students and staff.”

myBuildings™ is a highly versatile product that will allow OMNILINK to offer facilities management functions to a broad range of schools – both in size and type, across Australasia and for a growing customer list in the United Kingdom and Ireland already using AssetWhere.

The partnership also allows OMNILINK to support tertiary level providers, which is particularly timely in the United Kingdom where there is significant investment in colleges and universities.

Aligning with Core Vision’s considerable infrastructure will enable OMNILINK to leverage opportunities in new territories and business sectors.

“This will ramp up our economies of scale and service efficiency and free us up to do more of the strategic facilities management project services work”. “Whichever way you look at it, this partnership is a fantastic boost for both us and our customers.”

Core Vision’s Managing Director Kevin Williams is excited about the partnership with OMNILINK: “OMNILINK is a perfect partner for us in that they operate in niche market with a great reputation. Combining our system offerings makes complete sense. OMNILINK will complement their AssetWhere with our myBuildings™ suite of products whilst providing expert consulting advice to their clients in the educational space.”

About Core Vision

CoreVisionCore Vision has been providing and evolving innovative technology for the property sector since 2001. The company is the leading provider of cloud-based Facilities Management, Asset Management and integrated Tenant Services systems.

The myBuildings™ software platform suits organisations who do “in house” management of their own properties and service providers on behalf of property owners. Core Vision’s customers range from some of the largest property management agencies in the world, to multi-billion-dollar property funds to local schools and boutique hotels. Thousands of commercial, retail, industrial, hotels & resorts, educational, aged care and healthcare properties are serviced by well-educated users of myBuildings™.

Regarded as a trusted partner the Core Vision team is very proud of their reputation for unmatched service and reliable systems.

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