Nearmap image

Now you can see the very latest aerial image of your school campus through our association with Nearmap.

Nearmap is the leading aerial imagery company that provides the most regularly updated and high resolution aerial imagery available in Australia. Nearmap uses light aircraft and proprietary camera technology, enabling the capture over populated areas, at crystal clear resolution. As a guide the accuracy available from Nearmap has an image resolution of 7.5cm GSD (ground sample distance). By comparison, Google satellite imagery is between 25-50cm GSD.

OMNILINK can provide aerial imagery for your school (main site and additional locations), to create an accurate and up to date aerial image for school planning, maps and for marketing purposes. The selected aerial imagery can cover your site boundary and a wide buffer region to suit your needs. This new data will be an essential input to master planning, asset management, landscaping design and sports field development, plus of course for a range of marketing uses.