GIS Consulting Services

GIS Consulting Services

OMNILINK provides professional business and technical consulting services in the areas of property and location data, geographical information system implementation and management, data management and solution / services procurement. Well-versed in all current GIS products and capabilities, OMNILINK can provide advice as to the best solution to suit each organisation’s requirements. OMNILINK’s consulting experience can provide an organisation with advice on system architecture, operating environments, databases and deployment methods, and importantly data and management procedures.

In addition OMNILINK has some specific services we offer on a regular basis:

GIS Snapshot Reviews – OMNILINK’s GIS Consulting team work with local and state governments and businesses to review GIS projects. A successful initiative is the GIS Snapshot Review – a short form review of an organisation’s GIS data, technology and system deployment situation. Specific recommendations are made to assist the organisation make decisions on future directions. Additional consulting can be undertaken in key areas.

Survey Services – OMNILINK has conducted a number of online surveys for customers to survey both internal and external users. OMNILINK has successfully integrated online survey services with website landing pages and associated reference documents.A recent project for Land Information New Zealand surveyed external stakeholders on 3D data and access requirements.

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